What does the message “Error: Try another radio” means?

This means we are having trouble to connect to the radio station that you have chosen. This occurs when:

  1. 1. You don’t have a good internet connection (Wifi or 3G);
  2. 2. The radio station has a limited bandwidth;
  3. 3. The radio station has limited the number of users that can listen to it;
  4. 4. The radio station only plays in a specific country/region;
  5. 5. We have a broken link (the radio station changed their live broadcast stream);

If you are constantly receiving the same messages, day after day, please inform us.

I’m looking for a specific station. How can search for it?

If you are looking for a specific station, just type the name of the station on ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM search tab (e.g. Candid Radio New York).

How can I suggest a new station?

If you are sure that the station you are looking for isn’t on ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM Radio Directory already, you can send us an email to – anilgoyal.me@gmail.com and let us know which station you’d like us to add. 

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are a type of digital media, consisting of episodic series of audio (in this case), which can be streamed or downloaded.

Why do some radio stations feature what’s playing and others don’t?

Some stations show what is playing in their streaming link (metadata), while others don’t feature this info. This depends from station to station.

Why do I need Internet to listen to ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM Radio?

ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM radio requires Internet for 2 reasons. Firstly, most devices don’t have a built-in FM tuner that you need to listen to physical radio. Secondly, ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM Radio and a regular physical radio work differently. Regular radio works using radio waves (short signal) and ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM Radio website works using Internet waves (longer reach). This is why you are able to listen to stations from everywhere in the world with ONLINERADIO.DIGISTUFFS.COM Radio website. However, this means you need an Internet connection in order for the app to work.


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