Top radio stations in Alabama
Top radio stations in alabama

Most Listened- Top 15 radio stations in Alabama, USA

Top 15 radio stations in Alabama, USA, – Top & Trending Online, Internet, FM Radio Stations


1. Weis Radio (100.5 FM): Radio stations in Alabama

WEIS 100.5 FM is the number one source for local and area news, sports, weather, and quality entertainment in Alabama.

2. WVSU-FM 91.1: Radio stations in Alabama

WVSU-FM 91.1 – WVSU-FM is a broadcast radio station from Birmingham, Al, United States, providing Contemporary Smooth Jazz, College Sports and Information

3. WBHM-FM (90.3 FM): Radio stations in Alabama

WBHM-FM – NPR News informs, engages, and entertains the Alabama area for more than 40 years. WBHM is dedicated to the idea that an informed citizenry is vital to democracy and a thriving economy.

WBHM 90.3 – WBHM
WBHM 90.3 – WBHM

4. Candid Radio Alabama: Radio stations in Alabama

Candid Radio station is a new and dynamic great music provider through the internet located in USA. Candid Radio will provide you with music from American culture to the other cultures all over the world. Listen Great Music Here

5. WWIC Radio: Radio stations in Alabama

WWIC Radio- WWIC 1050 is a broadcast Radio station from Scottsboro, Alabama, United States, providing traditional Classic Country and Bluegrass music.

6. WVAS 90.7 FM: Radio stations in Alabama

WVAS 90.7 FM is a member-supported public radio station licensed to, and located on the campus of, Alabama State University (ASU) in historic Montgomery, Alabama.

7. WURL Radio: Radio stations in Alabama

WURL Radio – WURL is a broadcast station from Moody, Alabama, United States, playing Christian, Education, Entertainment.

8. WLRH News And Talk – WLRH-HD3: Radio stations in Alabama

WLRH is a non-commercial public radio station, licensed to the Alabama Educational Television Commission. It operates on 89.3 megaHertz FM with 100,000 watts of stereo

9. WLAY 100.1 – WLAY-FM: Radio stations in Alabama

WLAY-FM (100.1 FM, Shoals Country) is a radio station licensed to serve Littleville, Alabama, USA. The station is owned by URBan Radio Broadcasting and is

10. WKXN/WKXK-FM: Radio stations in Alabama

WKXN/WKXK-FM – WKXN is a broadcast station from Greenville, Alabama, United States, playing Dance, Hip Hop, RnB.

11. Z-105.3 – WBFZ

Z-105.3 – WBFZ FM Radio is a broadcast Radio station from Selma, Alabama, United States, they cover the gamut of the spiritual, political, and moral

Z-105.3 – WBFZ
Z-105.3 – WBFZ

12. Y-102 – WHHY-FM

Y-102 – WHHY-FM is a broadcast radio station in Montgomery, Alabama, United States, providing Top 40 Adult Contemporary Pop and Rock music.

Y-102 – WHHY-FM
Y-102 – WHHY-FM

13. WJLD AM 1400

WJLD AM 1400 – WJLD is a broadcast station from Fairfield, Alabama, United States, playing Blues. —— Shows: Blues Cafe, Cermon Boose, Daily Market Summary,

14. WOOF Radio – WOOF-FM

99.7 WOOF is a broadcast Radio station from Dothan, Alabama, United States, providing Adult Contemporary, Top 40/Pop Music. —— Shows: John Tesh Radio Show, Afternoons,

15. WOW 90.9

WOW 90.9 – WOWB is a broadcast station from Brewton, Alabama, United States, playing Adult Contemporary, Christian, Christian Rock.

WOW 90.9 – WOWB
WOW 90.9 – WOWB

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What are the Top 10 FM radio stations?

The top 10 FM radio stations in the United States vary depending on region, as some stations may be more popular in one area than another. However, some of the most popular FM radio stations include Z100 (New York City, NY), KIIS-FM (Los Angeles, CA), WHTZ (Newark, NJ), KISS-FM (Chicago, IL), B96 (Chicago, IL), WKSC-FM (Chicago, IL), WIOQ-FM (Philadelphia, PA), WXKS-FM (Boston, MA), WPOW-FM (Miami FL) and WWWQ-FM (Atlanta GA). These stations are known for playing a range of music from pop to hip hop and rock. They also feature news broadcasts and other programming that appeal to their local audiences.

What is the radio station in Alabama?

Alabama is home to a wide variety of radio stations. Depending on the region, listeners can tune in to different formats such as country, rock, and even classical music. Some of the most popular radio stations in Alabama include WVNN 770 AM in Huntsville, WLBF 89.1 FM in Montgomery, and WJOX 94.5 FM in Birmingham. Each station offers unique programming that caters to its local audience.

For those interested in listening to national broadcasts, many of Alabama’s major cities also feature affiliates of NPR and other public radio networks. These stations provide access to news, talk shows, and other informative programming from around the country. Additionally, many college campuses throughout the state offer their own student-run radio stations which feature independent music and talk programs.

No matter what type of radio station you are looking for, you should be able to find something that meets your needs in Alabama.

What is the R&B station in Alabama?

The R&B station in Alabama is Magic 96.5 FM. It is based in Birmingham and plays a variety of classic and contemporary R&B hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. It also features some of the hottest new music that is being released. The station offers a great mix of music for all ages, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Magic 96.5 FM has been on air since 1997 and is one of the most popular radio stations in the state. It has won numerous awards over the years, including being named “Best Radio Station” by the Alabama Broadcasters Association multiple times. The station also hosts special events such as live concerts and interviews with some of the biggest names in R&B music.

If you’re looking for a great station to listen to R&B music in Alabama, Magic 96.5 FM is an excellent choice!

What is the hip hop station in Alabama?

In Alabama, there are a variety of hip-hop radio stations available for listeners. The most popular station is probably 97.9 WABD FM, which plays a mix of current and classic hip-hop songs. This station can be found in Mobile and the surrounding area.

Another popular option is 100.5 WJSP FM in Montgomery, which also plays a mix of current and classic hip-hop music. They also have live DJs who provide commentary and interviews with local artists.

Finally, 105.1 WJLZ FM in Birmingham is another great choice for those looking to listen to hip-hop music in Alabama. They feature both local and international artists, as well as weekly shows dedicated to new releases in the genre.

What radio station is rap on in Alabama?

In Alabama, rap music can be found on a variety of radio stations. The largest radio station in the state is WVUA 90.7 FM, which is located in Tuscaloosa and broadcasts a wide range of genres including rap. Additionally, many other radio stations across the state feature rap music, such as Birmingham’s 97.5 WABD and Montgomery’s Hot 107.9.

For those looking for an even more specific selection of rap music, there are several online streaming services that offer an array of specialized stations featuring only rap music from both local and national artists. These services include iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio, both of which offer free access to their libraries of radio stations from around the world.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to find rap music in Alabama no matter what your preference is or where you live in the state.

What are the most listened radio stations Alabama?

Alabama is home to a variety of radio stations, many of which boast a large and loyal listening base. The most listened-to station in the state is WJOX 94.5 FM, a sports talk radio station based in Birmingham.

It features popular local and national sports personalities and offers live coverage of University of Alabama football games. WQEN 103.7 FM, also based in Birmingham, is another popular station among Alabamians; it plays contemporary hits from top artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Lastly, WVNN 770 AM is an Athens-based news/talk station that covers local and national news stories as well as political commentary from both sides of the aisle. All three stations are widely listened to throughout Alabama and remain some of the most popular radio stations in the state.

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